Clay Hollow Blocks - Clay Hollow Blocks Clay Hollow Blocks

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  • Lighter Weight & Faster Construction
    • Porotherm HP brick are 40 % lighter than conventional
      Walling material thus allowing substantial
      Savings on structural cost due to reduction in dead load.
    • This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling
      Resulting in higher productivity.
  • Comfortable And Healthy Living
    • Porotherm HP provides thermal insulation that’s 45 % better compared to conventional walling material.
    • This leads to direct savings in energy consumed through air Conditioning and heating devices.
  • Natural and Green
    • In this clay product we have water from our Aro plant purification for manufacturing and, we have recycling process for the Water while manufacturing.
    • The more important role in the Porotherm block that the Clay green products always produce oxygen. which is very Essential for our healthy life style.
    • Rather than other ament block product carbon dioxide Which is very harmful for our health.
  • Unlimited Life And Maximum Fire Protection
    • Porotherm HP has an exceptionally long can withstand fire Naturally as it is fired 1000 degrees and has a fire rating F240 for 240 Minutes.
  • At a Glance
    • Light weight up to 40 % less weight than conventional walling material.
    • Excellent thermal insulation.
    • High compressive strength.
    • Natural and green product.
    • Faster construction and ease of handling.
    • Time saving and less dead load.


Length 420 mm
Height 200 mm
Width 100 mm
Strength 170 kgn
Water Absorption Less than 13%
Efflorescence Nil
Clay Hollow Blocks