Expose Bricks - Hollow Bricks Terracotta Red 8 Holes

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The today’s modern building material market has recently discovered an innovative perfect product to construct the walls of high Quality,Strength,Energy Savings and Thermal Efficiency. Hollow bricks are acute walling material that inspects the benefits of natural clay.The Hollow bricks at JBC is made out of 5 essential clay after a hard core research and development. These bricks have high tensile strength and more resistant to external environments. At JBC we don’t compromise in quality as a result we are leading in the bricks market with good number of patrons all over India. Your safety is our responsibility.


  • Lightweight
    • Hollow bricks are the product of a highly innovative and advanced technology.
    • These hollow bricks clay bricks are 20% lighter than normal walling bricks.
  • Eco Friendly
    • Hollow bricks are made of natural clay it does not harm the environment. It contains no chemical or hazards substances. It keeps the interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. It provides more sound insulation compared to solid bricks.
  • Fire Protection
    • The hollow bricks are burnt at an exceptionally high temperature hence are fire proof.
  • Less Water Consumption
    • Hollow bricks consumes very less percentage of water during the process of curing while under building construction.
  • Speedy Construction
    • Since the hollow bricks are light.
    • It aids in faster as the masons can easily handle the bricks with efficiency.
    • This feature allows the wall to be constructed up to 2x faster.
    • Reduction of dead load
    • Saving on structural cost
    • Nil efflorescence
    • Hollow bricks come with high compressive strength=38.1 N/mm2 ( 381Kg/cm2 ),due to their unique design pattern. This helps improve productivity in masonry and allows heavy load bearing fixtures to be installed easily and is cost saving too.
  • Thermal an Acoustic Insulation
    • Walls built with hollow bricks also provide good acoustic insulation enabling you to build noise free homes.
    • Hollow bricks are the best natural insulators, which doesn’t allow the outer harsh temperature to enter inside and prevent the pleasant temperature from going out. It also helps in saving energy consumption. It maintains the temperature at both the ends.


Length 224 mm
Width 104 mm
Height 68 mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
Strength Approximately: 380kg/Cm2
Water Absorption < 10.04%
Coverage per sq.ft.
(10mm joint)
4” Wall (5 Pieces), 9” Wall (10 pieces), 14" wall (15 pieces)
Hollow Bricks - Terracotta Red 8 Holes