Thought Leader

  • Mr. Harshad Prajapati

    Mr. Harshad Prajapati

    CEO, Founder

    Mr. Harshad Prajapati, having less education he achieved a great success in bringing an innovation in the world of bricks manufacturing. He converted his dreams into reality .His engineer mind needs no degree, His sence to understand the quality of clay has no limit, he can sence the clay and bring out the best from it. All the equipments used in his industry are above an engineer mind. He believes in R & D and his hunger to learn never stops. His all machines under go deep R & D to produce the best. He has designed his own concept machine which has made him a successful and proud business. The production capacity has increased 100 times more. He is a man of positivity, innovation who doesn’t settle for less. Some of his artcles have been publised in the News paper which a motivation for new begineers and lerners. (CEO, Founder)

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