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  • Mr. Mafatlal Prajapati

    Mr. Mafatlal Prajapati


    Mr. Mafatlal Prajapati, a great warrior who founded this company in 1963 with a small production house where he worked hard and involved himself into moulding bricks. He worked day and night to build the company.

    He never looked back and sacrificed all his comforts and happiness to build JBC. He saw a dream and fullfilled it. Today JBC is on the top and its all due to Mr. Mafatlal. He had lots of responsibilty in his early life but never failed to justify it.

    He knew one thing and it was to set up "JBC" nothing could stop him nor his life hardship nor his needs nor any barrier, he crossed all the levels with one thought in his mind that he will do it.

    His positivity and believe in himself were his great tools and weapons. Since 1963 his passion has not lowered down he is still the same person today.

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